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Liu Chuanbao 刘传宝 – Urban Hormones 都市荷尔蒙

The metropolis – a macro organism without a will of its own, controlled by invisible biochemical transmitters. What happens when megalomania and indifference clash against carnal lust and sensuality?
Gallery Kuchling presents one of the most extraordinary Chinese artists for the very first time in Berlin between the 31st of August and the 5th of October. What Liu Chuanbao creates on the canvas – forlornness, sexuality, perversion, desire – is far more than a mirror of hormonal deficiencies.

Liu’s comeback, after a long period of artistic silence in reaction to the events of 1989 and their painful aftermath, tosses any of his early years’ positive sentimentalism overboard. In dark, often blurry cityscapes he takes a critical look at the excessive construction and chaotic growth of Chinese cities.
Simultaneously, he creates several series of naked women, lolling in bleeding colors. Liu combines both motives in man-sized images full of filth, violence and sex. The artist paints the very thing before which society closes its eyes. What thus comes to light “will surprise and perhaps even repel” (Liang Kegang, director of the Yuan Art Museum in Beijing).

As founder of the “Society of the Sun”, the young Liu Chuanbao endeavored to be “…an artist like the sun; to generate energy and eternal light, warmth, as well as to bring dreams and hopes into the world”. The progression of his work after the upheaval of 1989, culminated in preliminary giant pink flower canvases to form full arrangements of devoted, lasciviously smiling, horny women: Is this a rediscovery of Liu’s early ideals, or the critical voice of the elder Liu?

Exhibiton from 31st AUGUST – 5th OKTOBER 2012


Liu Chuanbao