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Igor Tsvetkov


Maksim Didenko



“Through the Eye of The Needle”

18th February – 06th April 2023

Vernissage: 18th February  7-10 pm



“The word “Rapture” itself was very popular in American songs of the early 20th century, and has in addition to the basic meaning of the noun form,
“rapture,” a verb form with the meaning of

“abduction alive to heaven”.
The combination of these meanings made up the name of the exhibition,

the movie, and the story we are telling.”

Igor Tsvetkov



Dear friends of fresh art,

for the 27th exhibition we have come up with something very special for you.

It will be dark, dynamic and a little wild.

We are very pleased to present you the exhibition of


Igor Tsvetkov & Maksim Didenko



in collaboration with

Pavel Semchenko

cordially invite you

to the Vernissage on 18th February 7-10pm

in the Gallery for Fresh Art.


It will be a melange of
graphics, painting, plastic works, animated videos and the premiere of a live-action film that can be classified as American Film Noir, science fiction and dystopian surrealism.

The artist collective consisting of Igor Tsvetkov and Maksim Didenko met during a squat 10 years ago in St. Petersburg. Igor, who was born into art and tried different experimental directions in his career until he concentrated his passion in short animation films and Maksim, the theater director, who knows how to preserve his artistic and personal freedom and also appreciates it.


If we talk about the triggers that led me to make art, it is primarily: fear, melancholy and love, feelings that have been fundamental to me since childhood. It is the power of these feelings that is the gasoline of my activity, thanks to them I have always understood and understand the meaninglessness and illusiveness of any human activity. But art is the most beautiful illusion of all, giving me a sense of contact with the beyond.

Igor Tsvetkov

At the Vernissage there will be also a performance by Maksim Didenko and Pavel Semchenko and we can already say with a fair amount of certainty that it will be a spectacle.


We are looking forward to your visit <3

left: “Episode 5, Part II. Rapture 2021”, Igor Tsvetkov (2021), Animated loop, NFT collected by Anna Pischasova
right:”Suicidal Helmet WDM-001 (Well-Dressed Men)”, Igor Tsvetkov (2021),  Animated loop,
NFT collected by Quentin Dupieux (Mr.Oizo)
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