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16th FEBRUARY  – 05th APRIL 2024

FINISSAGE: 5th APRIL  6-10pm


Interview with Xecon Uddin 


Dear friends of fresh art,

we are very pleased to present the new exhibition of


“The Universe Within”

in the gallery for fresh art.

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Informations about the artist


Xecon Uddin is a Bangladeshi-born artist who discovered his artistic vocation at an early age. He pursued his education in Fine Arts at the Dhaka University and graduated in 2007. His first solo exhibition of his inventive and refined artworks took place in 2008 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since then, he has participated in numerous prestigious group exhibitions and his works have been acquired by eminent institutions such as the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan and the National Art Museum of Bangladesh. He has been based in Paris since 2010, where he continues to explore his artistic vision.

He has also gained recognition in Berlin, where he has contributed to several group shows, including at the Galleri Heike Arndt and Galerie Kuchling.

Xecon’s artistic journey is marked by constant evolution and experimentation. He devotes all his spare time to his studio, where he works with a diverse range of materials and techniques. From stone lithography, etching-aquatint, acrylic, ink, cyanotype to glazed ceramic figures, he offers a rich and varied palette for the art enthusiasts. Their preferred medium is paper. Each of his artworks demands individual attention, not only for the technical mastery and the choice of medium, but also for the original and expressive ideas that are manifested in the intricate forms. Xecon Uddin’s art-making process requires a lot of time, patience and planning, which he executes with skill and finesse. His works exude love and passion, both for the art itself and for his own creative journey. Xecon’s works defy easy categorization or classification. Rather, they invite the viewer to discover new perspectives and possibilities that may have been overlooked before. Whether it is the complex technical procedure, the delicate representation or the interpretation that reveals a deeper meaning behind each artwork, Xecon Uddin challenges and delights the viewer with his imagination, talent, passion and love.

We are honored to present a curated selection of Xecon Uddin’s artworks to you.

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