Dear Friends of Fresh Art,

We are delighted to present the exhibition Freedom ° Love (15 January – 16 April) with paintings and sculptures from Ying-Tung Tseng (*1953 Tainan) and Semaan Khawam (*1974 Damascus).

Semaan Khawam • Birdman. 2020 • Mixed media on canvas, 45 x 45 cm

“I am not free, so I can’t really talk about freedom. I can only talk about the lack of it”, says Semaan Khawam, who had to leave his homeland Syria when he was 14 years old. Since then, the artist has been living in Beirut, a city he loves but which, at the same time, demands so much of him, sometimes even too much. Khawam’s paintings and sculptures speak of torment and unfreedom, but they also speak of fragile hope. They tell us about the artist’s quiet dream to spread his wings and leave all boundaries and borders behind for good.

Ying-Tung Tseng, Love and Freedom (11). 2020 • Mixed media 40 x 26 cm

“A heart without boundary is the highest form of freedom”, says Ying-Tung Tseng. Love and freedom are the fundaments and the endpoints of his artistic work: as two intertwined energies they permeate his three-dimensional, colourful paintings. As a result, Tseng’s works rest entirely in themselves while passing their inner serenity and harmony on to the viewer. “The colours in my work originate from love. The style in my work (…) is without boundary, which is freedom.”

Freedom ° Love invites you to join a fascinating artistic dialogue that explores not only the light and dark facets of freedom and love but also their complex relationship.

Freedom ° Love is a dual city exhibition in cooperation with Asir Art Museum, Tainan (at Asir Art Museum: 5 June – 3 July 2021).

We invite you to watch our introduction video about the exhibition by Prof Dr Shieh Jhy Wey on Youtube.
We look forward to seeing you!

HIGHLIGHT: Any Questions?!

We’ve got something exciting for you: as a special Easter surprise, we would like to invite you to a livestream with Semaan Khawam and Ying-Tung Tseng on 31st March and 1st April. During the livestream, both artists will answer all your questions about their current exhibition.

What would you like to ask Semaan and Ying-Tung if you would meet them at the gallery? What would you like to learn about their career as artists? What details would you like to know about their technique?

Please feel free to ask any questions and email them to us with the subject “Any Questions?”. We will collate all your questions and forward them to Ying-Tung and Semaan.

Deadline: 12th March 2021 — We look forward to hearing from you!

Slideshow images: Semaan Khawam & Ying-Tung Tseng, Selected works. 2016-2020 & exhibition views 2021 (photos: A. Bondar) • Please contact the gallery for details.
Portfolio: Semaan Khawam & Ying-Tung Tseng – also available as print version for 10.- € at the gallery.

Due to the current covid-19 restrictions, we’ll have to postpone the opening of Freedom ° Love until further notice; we will keep you posted. If you are in the area, you are welcome to have a glance through our window – you will see: the exhibition is there waiting for its opening.

Stay safe & see you soon!

The safety and health of our visitors are important to us. Therefore, the event will take place in line with the current covid-19 guidelines.

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