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…essays on Nature

03.07. – 23.10.2020

Marlene Bart / Eduard Bigas / Yoav Admoni / Yamou / Ying-Tung Tseng / Michael Kain / Akyute / Semaan Khawam



In the midst of cultural and social transitions, the year 2020 has highlighted the need for the awakening of individual and collective consciousness. Consequently, Galerie Kuchling strives to create a suitable program that brings to attention the matters that must stay relevant, initiating an interactive discussion between the artists and the general public.

Fresh! …essays on Nature” showcases a large variety of projects, from sculptures that incorporate growing greenery or upcycled materials, paintings that bring to life surrealistic and abstract depictions of macro and microstructures, and a virtual garden. With this exhibition, we aim to enter a dialogue that reflects upon the artistic practices and how they relate to Nature in different ways. The artworks not only visually connect the audience with the natural world, but also to their conceptual choices – which range from political, environmental to purely aesthetic.

The planet we inhabit belongs to all of us, so let us think not only about our impact on it but also on how it impacts us.


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