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Visions & Traditions – Jarmila Mitríková • Dávid Demjanovič • Frank Busk

The first show is dedicated to contemporary art from Northern and Eastern Europe, which features traditional materials and reinvented techniques such as the pyrography and ceramics of Bratislava-based duo Jarmila Mitríková & Dávid Demjanovič, as well as the woodcuts and linocuts of Copenhagen-based artist Frank Busk.

Demjanovič and Mitríková use the burning of wooden surfaces as a unique technique in order to fabricate a new world based upon old traditions – at least at a first glance. Nearly all of the pyrographs refer to a certain style of architecture in their display of significant historical buildings, bringing about a sense of familiarity. In the heart of their artistic effort may be detected a tendency to handle our traditions with a great sense of humor. What appears as some kind of a procession or folk parade is actually a postmodern amalgamation of Christianity and other religions. Similar ways of thinking are represented in Mitríková’s ceramics; the exhibited semi-serious altar composite is the artist’s interpretation of the religious experience within European history and the influences of new “popular” beliefs.

The Danish artist Frank Busk is exhibiting works from his series of “future archeology”. With a skilled hand, sharp knife and keen eye, he uses the oldest graphic technique, the woodcut, to express his artistic position towards our times. With digital photography and computer editing, he manipulates sketches, drawings and first prints, or scans of cut plates, and then assembles them into complex new forms. Based on his innovative vision, excellent knowledge of the material and more than 20 years of experience, he is able to effectively draw the viewer into his world with the depiction of small daily life artifacts, people, nature, landscapes or urban panoramas. Behind the entire “future archeology” series lies the essential question ‘What will be left of our presence in the future’?Foto

Exhibition from 26th NOVEMBER 2011 – 27th JANUAR 2012


Dávid Demjanovič & Jarmila Mitríková    Frank Busk