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Tony Benjamin – In the Forest of Milk and Honey

Gallery Kuchling is pleased to announce the solo exhibition “In the forest of milk and honey” by the Israeli artist Tony Benjamin. The painter, who is committed to the heritage of the European Impressionists, will present his artwork for the first time in Germany.

“In the Forest of Milk and Honey” is an exhibition of pastoral paintings which depict one of the last known forests of this type, where there is to be found one of the richest and most biodiverse in the world.

Tony Benjamin – one of the innovative landscape painters in Israel, paints on location with an integrated technique of layers using the à la prima technique, in order to utilize the diversity of light and shade which are constantly changing in the forest before his eyes. In this way he captures the Mediterranean sunlight which envelopes his paintings with warmness and abundance – so unique to this area.

Through his art Benjamin is battling with government plans to cut down this rare forest which he has learned to know as his friend and home. Benjamin goes out and paints in all seasons. With the means of his brush strokes filled with sentiment, admiration and urgency he invites the onlooker to understand the importance of the vibrancy of all living things, in contrast to the threat of extinction. His paintings bear witness to the landscape in order to contribute to its salvation. They beckon the viewer to merge into the scene and trek along the paths of the forest among the ancient oak trees, between the orchid blossoms and tulips, and to experience nature as a total living concept.

Tony: “I am situated there in order to allow the abundance of nature, which I have grown to know well, to express itself on canvas in order that the never ending joy of the forest – from moment to ever changing moment –would resound in the heart of the observer, as it has done in my own”.

Text: Roni Acker, Translation: Sue Newman, Special thanks: Shira Borer, Ofer Lachish

Exhibition from 26th APRIL 2012 – 8th JUNI 2012


Tony Benjamin