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Johanna Rossbach – The Impact of the Moment

Pinhole camera photography became the heart of Johanna Rossbach’s artistic effort. The young European has for ten years been based in Copenhagen with a growing interest and passion for Mexico, its people and culture. Her pictures present kind of a stage: “pulquerías” and its regulars. The series “Hoy no se fía, manaña sí” mirrors the story of a simple life – an ordinary day with ordinary people, a beautiful imagination, which is familiar to almost everyone of us.

Because of the specific technique, the pictures turn into ephemeral, magical moments, although pinhole photography represents the life of the matter over a period of time. As time and action become part of the process the image reveals a portrait of time in its space. Exposure times of around fifteen minutes let people come and go, leaving ghost like appearances, while the static remains as a backdrop.

Restless curiosity makes Rossbach travel to meet different people, diverse cultures and places. Always taking her “black box” around, pinhole camera images allow her to retell part of the stories she encounters – in an atmospheric way they reflect the experiences of certain places and at the same time they are attempting to indicate the secrets of the stories the people are telling, though without ever revealing them.

Exhibition from 11th FEBRUAR 2012 – 13th APRIL 2012


Johanna Rossbach