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Kevork Mourad – Fears and Dreams (9th August – 15th September 2019)



We are delighted to present Kevork Mourad’s (*1970) solo-show “Fears and Dreams”.

Kevork Mourad was born in Qamishli in Syria. His Armenian family was one of many who relocated there.
Showing great artistic promise since a young age, Mourad graduated from the Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts in Armenia. The artist is currently based in New York, but his Syrian-Armeninan background remains the central focus of his practice. Mourad often portrays fables, myths and historic moments connected to his roots and culture.

“Fears and Dreams” explores old imagery and concepts of duality, that lie between the realms of consciousness and the subconscious. In this particular duel, we utilise one term to define the other. Fear arises from the perception of “danger that leads to confrontation with the threat”, it haunts our existence, it is the source of power and manipulation. The dream sits at the border of perception, there can be dreams which are marked by fear, but they can also be aspirations, architectures of desire. This is a constant battle between good and evil, in which the artist willingly chooses to see and reflect upon the positive outcome, even in the worst scenarios.

Kevork Mourad pours out his heart and soul to communicate with both grace and honesty the stories that weave the fabric of his being. With a sensitive and curious eye his works dwell between figurative and abstract, allowing us to create our own interpretations of the beautifully juxtaposed layers of colour and lines. Mourad paints a world where colour abunds, seemingly pouring through the canvas, either as a stream of dreams that come in a fast succession of flashes, or memories that fade and merge onto each other.

Text: C. Palma, R. L. Zouaoui
Photos: A. Bondar