Hello friends of Galerie Kuchling!

We are delighted to present the new exhibition from Werner Brunner, Ark & Atlas. Under the Burden of Reality, at Galerie Kuchling.

Werner Brunner (*1941) grew up in Bad Kohlgrub and Oberammergau (Germany) and is a man of many talents: he is a trained smith, an architect, an archaeological building researcher, an author, but first of all, an artist who has been closely connected with Berlin since the early 1970s. As a politically engaged student of architecture, he experienced the city long before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and as young artist became involved in the Berlin squatting scene, and eventually helped to create the face of the city with his extensive murals.

In his current exhibition, Brunner presents large-format paintings from his series of works “Ark” and “Atlas”, upon which he has been working, along with other projects, since the beginning of the 1990s. Whilst both motifs look back onto a long tradition of art history, Brunner correlates them with the present, by utilising cut-outs and photos from newspapers which he then mounts, adapts and repaints. In doing so, Brunner’s often space-consuming artworks vividly show the ecological, political and human dark sides of our existence, revealed in the moment in which the well-known motifs are (dis)placed into a current context and through which they are transformed. The motif of the ark is reduced to a doubtful lifeboat and Atlas, the Titan who carries the world, nearly breaks beneath his burden.

We cordially invite you to the finissage & a talk with Werner Brunner on March 8 at 7 pm.

Werner Brunner will tell us all about his time in the artists group Ratgeb and about his work at the studio in Oranienstraße. He will also speak about the importance of murals as remittance works during the politically turbulent times in the 70s and 80s when the Berlin squatting scene was very active.

The artist and ourselves look forward to seeing you!

Werner Brunner • Ich unglückselger Atlas … VIII. 2012 • Acrylic, paper on crincled cardboard and nettle. 191 x 168 cm

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