Hello friends of Galerie Kuchling!

In 2011 we opened our very first exhibition at Galerie Kuchling with the Slovakian artists Jarmila Mitríková and Dávid Demjanovič. Nearly 6 years after the group exhibition „Visions & Traditions“, we are delighted to present the latest works of the artist duo in the solo exhibition Hexerei im Ostblock (Witchcraft in the Eastern Bloc).

When young pioneers in a Séance question long-dead politicians about the future of the world, when men in suits hover on a tree-trunk through the Tatra, and two other men pile up, piece by piece, the larger than life-sized figure of the Slavic goddess Morena, we’re already up to the necktie in the mystic and fantastical world of the artist-duo Jarmila Mitríková and Dávid Demjanovič. In their wood-burnt paintings and chamotte sculptures, the two Slovaks take on the traditional folk arts of their native country – pyrography and ceramics – and combine them in an original and humorous way with Slavic myths, superstition and cultic motifs from the time of socialism. With a bold postmodern twist, Mitríková and Demjanovič shake not only the often rather staid charm of two traditional art genres, but also present us with the dark magic powers of the Eastern Bloc as eerie, beautiful visions of a past world, whose spell still lingers on today.

Exhibition: 8th July-11th August 2017

Spiritist-Séance. 2014 • Pyrography on plywood, coloured with wood stains • 125 x 113 cm

Building of Morena. 2015 • Chamotte and Acrylic • 47 cm high

Flying-Log-II. 2016 • Pyrography on plywood, coloured with wood stains • 120 x 88 cm

Temptation. 2014 • Pyrography on plywood, coloured with wood stains • 85 x 62,5 cm

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